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Terms and Conditions

Please refer to the Standard Terms and Conditions for SWAGA Gym.  Any Student enrolled in classes or participating in any activity hosted by SWAGA Gym is to comply with and accept these terms as a condition of enrollment.

Make-up and Cancellation Policy

You are eligible for make-up class if notification of cancelation is given 12hrs advance of the class start time in writing by email or via the online booking system.  If proper notice is not received the class session is forfeited.


You can book a make-up class via email or the online booking system.  Make-up classes are subject to availability.  If any of the classes you request for make-up is full, you will need to find another class.

Unused Makeup

If you are unable to use your make-up class within 90 days (from date of purchase), then unfortunately this will be lost and not able to carry forward.  There are no cash refunds or credits for unused or expired makeups.

Canceling or Rescheduling Makeups

Once a make-up class has been booked, it will be non-cancellable and considered as utilized even if the student fails to show up.   There is no rebooking of scheduled makeup classes.

Schedule Changes

Classes are fixed time and date.  If class schedule is no longer suitable for student or SWAGA changes schedules, then a transfer to a different class type or date is possible on an availability basis.

Description of Potential Risks and Medical Consent

My child has permission to participate at SWAGA GYM PTE LTD. I confirm my child is in good health. I am also fully aware of and appreciate the risk of participating in any activity on the premises of SWAGA GYM PTE LTD including personal damages and losses; accidental injuries, minor or serious, including head and neck injury; and loss of life.


I hereby give my permission for SWAGA GYM PTE LTD official or staff members to call a doctor and/or paramedics for treatment in the event of an emergency. 
I further agree not to hold any SWAGA GYM PTE LTD official or staff member responsible for any possible illness, accident or injury which may occur in training, class or on SWAGA GYM PTE LTD premises. 


In agreeing to this gymnastics program, I, 
- Acknowledge that my child’s participation is voluntary.
- Understand the potential risks involved in the exercise program and believe that the potential benefits outweigh those risks.
- Give consent to certain physical touching that may be necessary to ensure proper technique and body alignment
 and spotting.
- Have been able to ask questions regarding any concerns I might have, and have had those questions answered to my satisfaction.
- Confirm my child is in good physical condition, have no impairment that might prevent her participation in such activities, and have been advised to consult a physician prior to beginning this program.
- Do hereby verify that I fully understand and accept the above statements and the guidelines set forth in this contract.  I give my permission to SWAGA GYM PTE LTD for photographs or videos to be taken for the purpose of, and use in, publications, promotions, and/or for other reasons that could expose a recognizable member of my family to the public.

Photo & Video Release

I give my permission to SWAGA GYM PTE LTD for photographs or videos to be taken for the purpose of, and use in, publications, promotions, and/or for other reasons that could expose a recognizable member of my family to the public.  If I do not wish to have any photos of any members of our family used or shown publicly I understand I may fill out the form to restrict phots or video of my child.

Description of the Exercise Program

I understand that the exercise program will involve participation in a number of types of gymnastics activities. These activities will vary depending upon my established objectives, but will include but not be limited to:
Vault (V), Uneven Bars (UB), Balance Beam (BB), Floor Exercise (FX), Still Rings(SR), Pamel horse(PH), Parallel Bars(PB), Tumble Track, Ropes, Swiss Ladder and more development skills.   


Gymnastics is a developmental sport meaning that a beginner will learn basic positions, shapes and skills and progressively learn more difficult and complex skills.
Gymnasts will work on developing strong fundamentals of gymnastics. These fundamentals consist of body movement and positions, strength and flexibility.


In the later stage, the gymnasts will be combining their knowledge of the fundamentals into a routine on each event.

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