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Key Skills:

-Diplomed as a Gymnastics Coach/PE teacher in 2008
-FIG Academy - WAG - Level 1
-FIG Academy – MAG – Level 1


-Master of Sport of the International Class
-Belarus national gymnastics team for 10 years
-Finalist of the Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing
-World Gymnastics Championships 2003 in Anaheim
-Finalist of the World Gymnastics Championships 2005 in Australia,
2006 in Denmark , 2007 in Germany, 2010 in Holland
-Finalist at the European Championships in 2002 in Greece, 2004 in
Slovenia, 2005 in Hungary, 2006 in Greece, 2007 in Holland, 2008 in
Switzerland, 2009 in Italy, 2011 in Germany
-Silver medal at the European team Championship 2004
-Bronze Medal at the European Artistic gymnastic team Championships
2006 in Greece
-Bronze Medal “Rings” at the World cup in Stuttgart , Germany 2004

Dzimitry Savitski

Gymnastics Coach

About ME:

Coach D loves to work with our competitive gymnast to gain skills learning from his experience as a Olympic Gymnast.

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